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  • Q What's the differences between the TF,TD,TC and TJC?

    A The vacuum interrupters are applied in different switchgears. "TF"means it applies to load-break switch; "TD" means it applies to circuit breaker; "TC" means it applies to recloser; "TJC" means it applies to contactor.
  • Q Can I apply the vacuum interrupters in the high altitude areas?

    A Vacuum interrupters can be applied in high altitude areas,but you should confirm if the withstand voltage meet the requirement.
  • Q What's the contact structure of the vacuum interrupters for VCB?

    A There are AMF(Axial Magnetic Field) and TMF(Transvers Magnetic Field) structure for the contact.There's no much difference between the two structure at the rated short-circuit breaking current below 12kV 31.5kA. However, AMF structure performaces better and gets longer life over 40kA. 
  • Q How to choose the embedded pole?

    A Apart of the technical parametre of the embedded pole,it's very important to confirm the size of mounting base and the height to the terminal. 

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