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Kaisaier Marks Two Decades of Excellence in Vacuum Interrupter Manufacturing

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Kaisaier Marks Two Decades of Excellence in Vacuum Interrupter Manufacturing

Chengdu, China - Kaisaier, a reputable manufacturer of vacuum interrupters, celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 7th, 2023. The company has earned a reputation for providing high-quality vacuum interrupter, with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2003, Kaisaier has been providing vacuum interrupters to customers for two decades. Kaisaier has gained the trust of customers by delivering high-quality products and excellent service.  

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Kaisaier held a special ceremony at Jinhe restaurant in Chengdu, China. The event was attended by top executives, employees, and some partners, who all came together to commemorate this significant milestone. In this event, we specially invite Kaisaier’s first customer——Tianjin Weilesi electro mechanical Co., Ltd.

General manager speech

Wang Guobin,general manager

First customer

Zhang Chunjiang, Kaisaier's first customer


Su Xiaoqin,employee representative

During the ceremony, Kaisaier's General Manager, Mr. Wang Guobin, gave a speech reflecting on the company's journey over the past two decades. He thanked the company's employees for their hard work and dedication, and expressed his gratitude to customers and partners for their trust and support.

In addition to Mr. Wang's speech, Mr. Zhang Chunjiang, the leader of Tianjin Weilesi electro mechanical Co., Ltd., also spoke at the ceremony, highlighting the long-standing partnership between the two companies.

One of the most touching moments of the event was the speech given by the employee representative, Miss Su Xiaoqin, who spoke on behalf of all Kaisaier employees. She has been worked at Kaisaier when it’s started. In her speech, she expressed the gratitude for the company's support and leadership over the years, and shared her growing story in this company.

Looking to the future, Kaisaier remains committed to providing high-quality vacuum interrupters at competitive prices and expanding its global footprint.

In conclusion, Kaisaier's 20th anniversary celebration is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as its contribution to the vacuum interrupter industry. As Kaisaier continues to grow and expand, it will undoubtedly maintain its position as a reputable manufacturer of vacuum interrupters, providing reliable solutions to customers around the world.

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Founded in 2003, Kaisaier is a professional hi-tech enterprise, mainly engaging in the design, manufacture and sales vacuum interrupter and embedded poles.




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