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Celebrating the Children’s Day: Spreading Joy and Encouragement

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Celebrating the Children’s Day: Spreading Joy and Encouragement

Children's Day is an important occasion celebrated worldwide to honor and appreciate the happiness and innocence of children. In line with its commitment to employee well-being and fostering a supportive environment, Kaisaier prepared the gifts for the kids of workers before the Children's Day. Furthermore, the President of Kaisaier's Labour Union, accompanied by the Office Manager, visited one of the children who recently experienced a car accident to offer support and deliver the gifts. 

Children's Day

On May 31st, Kaisaier distributed the gifts to the workers for their little ones' Children's Day.

During the gift distribution process, it came to the attention that one of the workers cannot be present for her child, named Xianfei, had recently been involved in a car accident. Sensing the urgency and importance of the situation, the President of Kaisaier's Labour Union, Xiao Hong, and the Office Manager, Xia Jiang, decided to personally visit Xianfei at once. 

Xiao Hong and Xia Jiang brought the great greetings from Kaisaier team and wish Xianfei a speedy recovery.

The presence and the thoughtful gifts created an atmosphere of warmth and support, letting Xianfei’s family know that they were not alone in this challenging time. Xianfei's mother, our dedicated worker, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the visit and the gifts: " I cannot express enough gratitude to Xiao Hong and Xia Jiang for their visit and the beautiful gifts they brought for my child. It means so much to us that Kaisaier display the great concerns towards our family. We are truly grateful for their support."

This heartwarming visit exemplifies the compassion and dedication of our organization. It shows how Kaisaier goes above and beyond to support its employees and their families, creating a sense of belonging and care.

Let's take a moment to appreciate Xiao Hong and Xia Jiang for their thoughtfulness, as well as the entire Kaisaier team for their commitment to spreading joy and making a positive impact in the lives of our workers and their families.

Celebrating childhood, spreading happiness, and fostering a supportive community. This is Kaisaier!

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